types of solar panels

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Solar panels are of three types mainly. First one is flat plate collectors. These are fixed on the terrace top of the house. They mostly heat the home or its water. This type of solar panel has a black frame which is rectangular in shape, copper plumbing and some sheets of glass. Green house effect is used in this type of panel. The sunrays leave through the glass but can’t dodge through the glass. The rays of sun heat the water filled copper pipes. Then this water is used to warm the home or water. The second type of a solar panel is a focusing collector. It has a mirror or mirrors which are centered in one spot. Solar furnaces, power towers, parabolic dishes and troughs etc are some of these. The first type is a solar heater. A solar heater has several mirrors that are aimed at a big curved mirror that is aimed at a big steel structure. Refer best essay writing service. This can get as heated as 5,790 F. Scientists make use of solar heaters to do experiments to see how fast materials react to intense heats. They are also used for industrial purpose to melt metals. A parabolic dish or trough looks just like a satellite dish. But the dish part is to replicate the sunrays onto the vocal tip which is filled with oil. The boiled oil is used to generate vapor to spin a turbine. A power tower has several mirrors all focused on a big tower. This tower gets highly heated. The tower is full with oil. When the oil is boiled it is piped to a power plant. This will generate steam that spins a turbine. The third type of solar panel is a solar cell. It has two layers of silicon that create an electric allege which is picked up by wires which are placed across the silicon.
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I have not used solar panels yet for my resume writing services office and for my house because I did not have much knowledge about this but I always heard good views for solar panels that it helps t reduce electricity bills and many other advantages which we take from this. So now I am thinking to use this for my office.
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To use them , the panels are normal . The main thing is to install them correctly . but there should be the ability of the Adjuster.
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