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The Gutenberg WordPress editor also known as the WordPress block editor, is now part of WordPress core. It is a new page builder that was introduced with WordPress 5.0. This editor adds content blocks and page builder-like functionality to every up-to-date WordPress website.WordPress Gutenbergeditor replaced the previous classic editor of WordPress platform. The classic editor used TinyMCE (WYSIWYG) as the default content editor for posts and pages. And in Gutenberg, content is added in individual blocks instead of within one larger content area. These blocks include everything from paragraphs, headings, lists, images, galleries, embeds and much more.
The primary goal of the Gutenberg editor was to help users create posts and pages with more flexibility. It can also be surmised that Gutenberg is intended to help WordPress compete more directly with other page-building website platforms.
By now a lot of things became clear in your mind about this. But no matter what you might also have a few doubts flooding your mind. To get appropriate answers for all of your queries, you should definitely take some expert assistance. For your convenience, we have a large team of WordPress experts. They will be more than happy to help you with your queries. We are available on 1-866-332-O276.
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