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Department of Medical Sciences Ministry of Public Health Random check of patongo sold in Bangkok and its suburbs to monitor for borax contamination. Polar additives in re-frying oil And analyzes the amount of acrylamide or AA, which is a substance found in the food production process that has been fried with oil using high heat. Especially foods that are high in starch And there are reports of toxicology studies that may cause cancer.

Dr. Supakij Sirilak, Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences said from the case of sharing information on social media that Behind the crispness of Patongo There may be dangers from the crisp powder. Commonly known as borax or borax, and the reuse of frying oil by merchants. Which consumers are at risk of being harmed for this reason, Department of Medical Sciences by the Bureau of Quality and Safety of Food. Therefore, 80 samples of patonggo sold in Bangkok and metropolitan area were randomly collected, separated into 61 samples of double patongo and steamed buns, 14 samples, 14 samples of crispy patongo and 5 samples of highly popular patonggo.

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Patongo has borax?

Results from the Borax test kit No borax contamination was found in all samples. And from the smell of Patongko, it was found that there were 7 samples of ammonia odor, about 9 percent, which may come from Ammonium Bicabonate (Ammonium Bicabonate) or baking ammonia. Which allows Patongo to become inflated For the re-use of fried oil, 21 patongco samples were sampled with a polar additive test kit in frying oil. Not all samples were detected.

Why does eating “Patongko” often cause cancer risk?

Dr. Supakit Further said Due to the fact that Patongo is a high starch food and has been fried with oil Using high heat Making it possible to find acrylamide This is caused by the reaction between the amino acid asparagene and reducing sugars such as glucose and fluctose at temperatures over 120 ° C or taking too long to cook. Until the food is low in moisture This reaction is called Maillard reaction, resulting in food being brown.

Toxicology studies have been reported to show that if given high doses it is neurotoxic and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is classified as potentially carcinogenic to humans. Therefore, 25 samples of acrylamide were analyzed in Patonggo, including 14 framed mini patongo, 6 paired patongo samples and 5 famous patonggo samples.

The liquid chromatograph / Triple quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (LC-MS / MS) was analyzed. Acrylamide was detected in an amount less than 0.04-0.48 mg / kg. Which has the total mean of 0.20 mg / kg The average quantity was found in crispy tiny Patonggo. Double and brand Patongo were 0.31, 0.09 and 0.05 mg / kg respectively.

When comparing the acrylamide content in Patongko with other fried snacks such as fried bananas (banana chips), taro chips, potato chips and french fries. Acrylamide risk in Thai food (2011) The acrylamide content was similar to that of fried taro. Which averaged 0.14 mg / kg And lower than french fries Which mean 0.71 mg / kg

However, from the random sampling of patongo sold in the Bangkok and suburbs. Is safe No contamination of borax was found. No polar substances were found in Patongko due to repeated use of frying oil. And detected acrylamide in the amount found in fried foods. Compared with Thai food acrylamide risk assessment data (2011), acrylamide exposure From consumption is still at a safe level

Is baking ammonia dangerous?

For making patongo using a formula containing ammonium bicarbonate. If used in moderation When fried through heat, this material will evaporate completely. Without leaving the smell in the Patonggo and not causing harm to consumers But when using too much quantity The vapors may irritate the throat. Therefore, inhalation of the evaporated ammonia gas should be avoided.

Safe way to choose to eat Patongko

This is for safety and health. Should not eat Patongko consecutively on a daily basis. In the case of eating Patongko for breakfast, find protein-rich foods such as fried or boiled eggs. To allow the body to get protein energy from other foods as well. And before buying, look at the oil in the pan used to fry the Patongko If you see that the oil is a dark black Should switch to buying another one instead
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