Bulimia destroys dental health. More than you think

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Bulimia or deep throat disease It is a mistake to eat. Which is caused by eating a large amount of food And trying to get rid of the food they eat out, such as vomiting. Use of laxatives Or trying to exercise a lot To try to get as many calories as possible. Which by doing this It can adversely affect the heart, kidneys and other organs in the body. Bulimia also destroys dental health. It is very much today, joker123 have interesting information about this symptom to leave each other.

How does bulimia damage dental health?
Frequent vomiting That adversely affects dental health Vomiting is acidic. Because vomiting will have gastric juice in the stomach Usually, these digestive juices are responsible for digestion in the stomach. When these digestive juices come into contact with the teeth often It can damage many dental health as follows

Tooth decay
Frequent vomiting causes gastric acid to destroy tooth enamel. When those enamel are destroyed, the teeth form a cavity. Even if we are eating foods that contain a lot of sugar, it will cause tooth decay. Which symptoms of tooth decay can be easily observed From brushing teeth If there is bleeding on your gums after brushing your teeth, you may be developing cavities. Which, if left, can cause pus and rot

Yellow and fragile teeth
After tooth decay Teeth are eroded by the damage caused by those acids. Until it makes teeth yellow Is when the teeth turn yellow And dental health will deteriorate Teeth are weaker and more fragile than normal. Teeth can sometimes become so fragile that they can become deformed.

Swollen salivary glands
The acid that comes out with vomiting. It can irritate the salivary glands on both cheeks. Which the salivary glands are responsible for producing saliva Which helps to prevent tooth decay If the salivary glands are swollen The jaw area will have swelling.

Sores in the mouth
Acid from vomiting in addition to destroying the enamel It also damages the skin around the cheeks, palate and neck, which can cause irritation and sores. Sometimes there may also be swelling. For some serious people it can also develop an infection. In some people, a constant burning sensation in the throat may occur.

Dry mouth
One of the effects of throbbing is: Swelling of the salivary glands Which affects saliva production When little saliva causes dry mouth The dry mouth affects dental health, causing tooth decay because usually saliva helps eliminate bacteria that cause tooth decay. With less saliva, those bacteria were not removed. Will make those bacteria more damage to dental health
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The maximum common aspect effects of this medicinal drug consist of injection web site pain, headache, fatigue, and despair. If these hassle you or seem severe, let your health practitioner know. There may be methods of lowering or stopping them. genericisland.com Male might word zits, or sweating and deepening of the voice. If you enjoy dizziness, faint, stomach ache, and vomiting upon getting the injection, tell your physician right now.
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The topics you share are really meaningful to me, and I will follow your website regularly. paper io 2
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Any problem or pain in our body destroys our mental peace. We cant focus on any work if we are suffering pain. I am Gustavo Woltmann and my friend Lerry started to train people for yoga. Any dental problem or body problem we can cure by doing yoga.
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