7 reasons why a "squat" workout is better than run

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Among the new generation, the value of "healthy eating, eating clean, exercising" has been popular for many years. And think that this trend will not easily go out of trend Because of this age, humans live up to Everyone wants to have good health to live a long time. Want to lose weight Reduce excess fat for a more accurate figure. It's good when looking in the mirror, looking at myself every morning. It enhances confidence, personality, and for some people. Better figure A slimmer figure increases both love and career opportunities, which can be life-changing.

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In addition to clean food that must be eaten anyway When it comes to exercise to lose weight, most girls tend to think more about cardio like "running" by ignoring weight training and building up the muscles that help shape the shape like "squats". In fact, if you have to choose to do just two things The health line will choose a squat without thinking. Because it has many advantages over running a lot If you read up to this point, she asks the question. "So what is better? That I have to waste time doing squats. ”The answer is here.

7 things to highlight, scroll down to read!

1. Squatting doesn't take long. A moment is finished. How busy you can be with work

The first thing I think women in 2021 will definitely like is squatting or simply calling it. Is a sitting position, taking very little time! While running must give weight to the whole duration And durability in running Even if she is in good form, running for 10-15 minutes will not fully stimulate her body to burn fat. At a minimum, it takes 45 minutes or more. The furnace in the body will work. And still have to run at a certain speed If jogging or jogging, your body will not burn as fast, etc.
But if you squat Even if making a set of 10-20 times, it only takes less than 10 minutes because there is nothing at all. You can stand where you can, so you can do it right there. Work, finish late, fitness is closed. There was no running track in the house. The squats help shape the firmware. Tight muscles Don't waste your time before going to bed. Squat a little enough to sweat. In the long run, the figure will definitely look better than someone who does nothing.

2. Squatting affects the knee joint "less" than running.

One of the main reasons why many obese people have to give up from the weight loss industry. Because the body could not bear the tiredness from running Many people are overweight. Until having problems with the knee If you decide to run at the starting stage at all Running requires a lot of weight on your legs and knees. His feet touch the ground, each time they hit the knees. Even if I still fight, I may face a problem with knee pain. The bones were thrown around until I had to cry out as well (but most of them would have stopped doing it in the first place).
If you are a beginner Fear of running and being too exhausted Or poor knee health Instead of doing 1-2 sets of squats instead will help save your knee in the long run. Because one is less time consuming The impact or weight on the knee is less, and two squats is when we contract the sitting position straight. Not bumping back and forth like running Therefore, there will be less injuries. Simply put, if you haven't squat all day. However, my knee hurts less than running.

3. Our bodies are created. To support the "squat" naturally anyway.

Many people may not know this about this (before we wrote this story We don't know.) That is, our bodies are naturally suited to squatting. That means if it is done on a regular basis. The body will be accurate and firmware pretty quickly! That's because from birth as a baby until growing up The human body is already designed to sit up. Both sitting on the desk Bent down to pick up the fallen things Take the toilet to go to the toilet and much more.
In other words, Squatting is something that does not violate nature. In normal life, we do it, just might not put on weight, muscle or hold on for a long time, but if you go for a lot of running. Intensely without training first The body may not be able to handle pressure rise, cramping, eating, fainting, shock and unconsciousness. So if you are new or not strong Squats are a better choice.
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