Setting a loud alarm clock in the morning may not be as easy

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If you set a loud alarm Or an unsatisfactory voice It can make it difficult to shake off the drowsiness in the morning. But researchers said that the sound of a melody alarm clock It can help to slotxo feel refreshed after waking up.
The study was conducted by researchers in Australia. In total 50 people participated in the study. The volunteers answered questions about their favorite alarm clock to set their alarms in the morning. Including the feelings about that alarm sound And the feeling when you wake up

From this study Researchers found that people who woke up to a music alarm clock were more alert.

Stuart McFarlane, the head of the study, told VOA they were very surprised by the results of the study. Because he thought that the loud beep was Should wake up better

Not fully awake Or lethargy refers to a person who is still very sleepy when he wakes up. And having trouble moving

McFarlane said everyone needs to better understand the harmful effects of sleeplessness. Sleepiness usually occurs in the morning for up to 30 minutes, but studies show that sleepiness can last for 2-4 hours.

However, not everyone experiences sleepiness for a long time. But people with such symptoms should seek solutions. Especially when performing duties that require optimal performance. Which includes various tasks Dangerous, such as driving or cycling Shortly after waking up The same applies to people who work in dangerous situations after waking up. Such as firefighters and pilots etc.

In addition, not fully awake Or lethargy It also links major accidents including plane crashes. And various transportation accidents as well

Why is it better to set an alarm with music?
Researchers think music may be better at reducing drowsiness. Because there are multiple tones compared to one tone of the alarm "beep"

McFarlane said changes in the music's melody may help stay awake after waking up. But it is too early to sum up the answer to this matter. Further studies are needed to get real answers.

What kind of music is good for alarm clocks?
The researchers suggested a sound of an alarm clock that was easy to hum or chant along. McFarlane said the songs he used to set the alarm now include "Close to Me" by The Cure and "Borderline" by Madonna.

However, experts point out that no matter how you wake up, But the amount of sleep is very important.

Stuart F. Quan, MD, director of the Sleep Disorders and Circulatory System at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts Here are some tips to help you sleep better and feel refreshed every morning.

Set regular hours - go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. The researchers recommend getting at least seven hours of sleep per night.

• Decorate the room suitable for sleeping - the room should be completely dark while sleeping. Put the bed away from the window. Try to keep the room quiet and cool.

• Exercise - Most studies indicate that regular exercise Is three or four times a week to help you sleep better.

• Try not to use electronic devices in bed - turn off your mobile phone before you go to bed. Or put it by setting "do not disturb"

• Avoid eating large meals before bed.

Limit nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol intake before bed.

• Be awake or move more during the day - this will help you fall asleep faster and easier.
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